Understanding the Teaching

Understanding the Teaching of Science

I love teaching science. . .  children getting totally absorbed in the knowledge and enquiry that science delivers if taught with a little imagination. There should also be LOTS of talk, always be a practical element and most of the lesson should be experiential. Children should be ‘doing’ something; up out of their seats, moving

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Reading Practice and Pleasure

Learning to read is one of the most crucial skills that a child will learn in his/her lifetime. We live in a speculative society in which proficient literacy abilities are embraced and are considered the key to success and academic achievement. Growing up, I loved to read and it sort of came naturally as a

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My thoughts on teaching writing….

What exactly is ‘good writing’? How do we define improvement? How can we recognise it? Measure it? What part does a teacher’s own confidence and skill in writing play in children’s progress? What range of strategies are available? Getting writing ‘RIGHT’ is a massive challenge…….. I LOVE teaching children to write! Do see my blog

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